Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday 1

I've decided to jump on board the "Top Ten Tuesday" blog hop this week because the prompt was irresistible. I've noticed this blog hop because it seems to be highly popular among the book bloggers I've connected with and a great way to meet more. So the prompt this week is the Top Ten characters you'd like to be best friends with. As I made my list, I realized that I would not like to be friends with most of the characters in my favorite books... They're all pretty dark and depressing! I mean, I do love Raskolnikov and Jean Valjean, but it wouldn't be very fun to be friends with them. However, I did find ten characters I'd love to know, even though they may not come from my all-time favorite books. Enjoy!

1. Harry Feversham from The Four Feathers
Harry is an incredibly loyal friend who will literally go to the ends of the earth and the depth of prison to save his friends. He never holds grudges against them or resents their mistakes. And I bet he was fun when he was in a good mood as well. For more thoughts on him, check out my Four Feathers review.

2. Lee from East of Eden
Who doesn't want a wise, lovable, faithful Chinese man in their life? Lee is my favorite character in this book, and I explain that in more detail in my East of Eden comments if you're interested. I think he would make a fantastic friend and a great mentor.

3. Charles Wallace Murry from A Wrinkle in Time
I hope you all read this Madeleine L'Engle growing up and can appreciate how fun it would be to have little Charles as your best friend. He's quirky, nerdy, and just plain awesome. He's very sweet and loyal as well and is willing to do anything to save his friends and family. Plus, he seems to invite time-traveling adventures into his life, and I'd love to be a part of that!

4. Antonio Corelli from Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Corelli is a fun-loving, Italian musician with a big heart. He's incredibly gifted with the mandolin; I would love to hear him play beautiful tunes to me at night. Even in the darkness of war and in a country that resented his presence, Corelli managed to make a lot of friends. As my best friend, I'm sure he would keep me laughing and dancing in the toughest times.

5. Shel Silverstein... the author
Ok, I'm kind of cheating on this one, but I couldn't leave him out of the list. I read every single book he wrote, from Where the Sidewalk Ends to the Giving Tree. He has a fabulous sense of humor, and I bet he would keep me cheerful all the time. And if I had a bad day, he could just whip up a little poem for me.

6. Hercule Poirot from the Agatha Christie novels
I would love to be friends with Hercule! He's an odd Belgium detective with a keen sense of observation and intuition. Even when he's not trying, he always seems to come across another mystery to solve. I would like to team up with him and watch him work as the drama unfolds. Plus, he'd always be saying silly French proverbs and expressions to me - how great is that?

7. Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby
He's cool, he's rich, he's mysterious, and he throws some really great parties. Sure, he has his issues, but I would have a lot of fun with Gatsby as a friend.

8. Huckleberry Finn from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Huck would be a great friend and fellow adventurer. I'm sure I would laugh a lot with him and gain from his carefree spirit. Even as an adult, I think I would at least chuckle along with his comments and unique perspective, all of which come from a good heart.

9. Peter Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia
So the truth about this one is that I want a way to get into Narnia. And out of all the Pevensie kids, I think Peter would make the best friend. Lucy's a little annoying, Susan's a little bossy, and Edmund has his ups and downs. So Peter it is.

10. Odysseus from The Odyssey
King of Ithaca and total badass - Odysseus rocks. He's tough, hot, and clever. He loves his family and he can out-think anyone. Sure, he might make a better husband than friend, but I'll settle for friendship. I'd get to ride his ship, traveling to the ends of the world and getting rich. Sign me up!

Thanks for reading. I'd love your feedback!


IngridLola said...

I wouldn't mind go to a few of Gatsby's parties either. :)

Anne Bennett said...

I considered Peter but opted for Lucy Pevensie. I also like your choice of Antonio Corelli. I've always wanted to be serenaded in Italian.

readerbuzz said...

I'd definitely prefer Meg over Charles Wallace. Just me.


Anonymous said...

Careful with Odysseus... He's a schemer. Great pick, too, on Lee from East of Eden.

Amy said...

@Ingrid - It's always nice to read your comments. Thanks for stopping by!

@Anne and readerbuzz - Lucy and Meg are also good options. I really thought about them, and now that I realize I didn't include any girls, I would be tempted to swap them out! I checked out your Top Tens as well and am sorry to say that I'm not familiar with most of the characters. There's always more reading to do!

@bibliophilica - Good point. :)

Kayleigh said...

I forgot about A Wrinkle in Time when I wrote my list, I think Charles (and Meg) are a great choice, but I think I'd rather have Charles as a brother than a friend. Though perhaps that's only because he actually does remind me of my brother!

christina said...

I definitely think that we all need to befriend Jay Gatsby and attend his shindigs. LOL. Good times to be had for sure. :)

LifetimeReader said...

I too want to come with you and your new pals to the party at the Gatsby place. Sounds like a blast!

Amy said...

It sounds like we all need to throw a Great Gatsby party pronto! :)

Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

I completely agree. Jay Gatsby's a very cool, not to mention very loyal, friend. I wouldn't mind showing up at one of his parties. :)